Prosciutto and Pesto Roll Ups

Published April 21, 2015 by Ch'kara

This is a great recipe that is always popular when you have guests over.  I always use “chilli pesto” because we are chilli fiends.  You can use regular pesto but I found it a bit bland.  You can add anything to give it some Ooomph if you don’t like chilli.

2015-04-17 11.46.29

Prosciutto and Pesto Roll Ups

Preheat oven to 200c


Frozen puff pastry sheets

Jar of pesto (I use chilli pesto)

Packet prosciutto (about six slices)

Grated parmesan


Partly thaw three sheets of Frozen Puff pastry and spread with pesto (I use chilli pesto)

Lay two slices of prosciutto on each and sprinkle grated parmesan over them.

Roll up firmly, cut into 3cm thick slices and place cut side up onto a baking paper lined tray.

Bake for 15-20 minutes, until golden and crisp.

When cooled keep in an air tight container. Although I make these when guests are coming and they are so popular they never quite make it to the container.

2015-04-17 11.22.40

2015-04-17 11.14.51

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