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From the Herb Basket

Published December 15, 2014 by Ch'kara

Mystical Magical Herbs

basket of lemon balm

Fresh lemon balm leaves were once used to polish oak furniture. The lemon essence preserved the wood and kept it light in color.

In Medieval times, children were not allow sweet cakes [ gingerbread men today ] as it was thought that fresh ginger would produce bad dreams.

Mace is the outer covering for nutmeg that is produced on the nutmeg tree. The favored color is pale gold, and this bark will last for years if kept in glass containers.

Quick cure for bad breath: Chew on fresh parsley, or add 1 tablespoon of fresh parsley to a cup of boiling water. Drink while hot.

Add 2 tablespoons of the following herbs to your daily diet: garlic, rosemary, thyme and oregano. By adding these fresh herbs to cooking and salads, you cut your risk of sore throats and sinus problems by as much as 43%. The flavonoids in these herbs strengthen airways…

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Uses for that yummy pumpkin

Published November 11, 2014 by Ch'kara

Loving soup this one sounds yumm am definitely trying it

A New England Cook in Canada

At this time of year most people seem to think that pumpkins are just for carving up for Halloween and then tossing in the trash. Not so say I! As a long time resident of New Hampshire and a short time resident of Canada I know how good this giant veggie/fruit tastes in many dishes. From pies to cake to cookies and now to soup. It is very useful and good for you.

Now last year I did a recipe for pumpkin cookies back on October 22, 2013. Very yummy and easy to make but you can look that up via the search tab on the right hand side of your screen. Today I thought I would talk about muffins and soup. Two simple yet very different uses of all that orangy yummy goodness.

Making pumpkin muffins is pretty simple. If you have used my recipes you know the basic…

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November Recipes

Published November 11, 2014 by Ch'kara

Mystical Magical Herbs

beef chili2

Chicken Vegetable Bundles

You’ll need heavy duty foil and cookie sheet

3 boneless chicken breasts

2 large baking potatoes, cut in cubes

1 -16 ounce can of green beans, drained

1/2 cup of Italian dressing

Tear off 3 large sections of foil, and place it on the cookie sheet. Pre heat the oven to 375.

On 2 of the sheets of foil, place the chicken, lay the potatoes on top, add the green beans to the side, drizzle a little dressing on each, and fold up the sides of the foil to make a tight bundle. On the 3rd sheet of foil, place the chicken breast, drizzle dressing over it, and fold the it up into a bundle. Place all 3 on the baking sheet, and bake for about 55 minutes or so. The extra chicken breast is for dinner tomorrow night, so stash it in the fridge. Zero clean-up…

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A new soup made from squash..how seasonal

Published November 8, 2014 by Ch'kara

This sounds great I love soup

A New England Cook in Canada

Yup today I decided I had to make soup out of the cooked squash I have. Now most of the recipes for squash based soups call for a ton of butter and heavy cream but I actually made a really good tasting one without using all those yummy heavy calorie ingredients!

Now you need the following:

one smallish summer squash, peeled, cleaned and chopped up into cubed

three small/medium potatoes, washed, peeled, cubed

four cups of water

one small onion, peeled and diced

2 T butter/maragrine

1/2 t celery seed

1/2 t ginger

3 t chicken soup powder

salt and pepper to taste.

Now first you will cut up and clean your squash (Probably the hardest part of this soup!) Boil it up in a pot for 30 minutes, drain and set to the side to cool (best in the refrigerator of course)

In a small pan, melt the butter…

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Low Carb Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream

Published October 27, 2014 by Ch'kara

It’s pumpkin season people! That means you can’t have too many low carb pumpkin recipes. I just love the spices of the fall season.  Even though this is an ice cream recipe you can’t go wrong having this in your arsenal.  If you live in place where the weather is mild, well Ice cream is welcomed year round.

This is as easy as it get’s and no need for an ice cream maker, so no excuses give this recipe a whirl.


1 15 oz can of Pumpkin Puree

1 Full Fat Coconut Milk

1 Cup of Heavy Whipping Cream

1 Cup of Swerve or Other Sugar Substitute

10 Drops of Stevia Liquid

1 tsp of Pumpkin Spice

1 tsp vanilla

1/4 tsp of Goan Xacuti (optional but this really is an amazing spice mixture. For more info. go to www.goanimports.com

FullSizeRender - Copy Heavy Whipping Cream and Coconut milk

FullSizeRender (1) - Copy Pumpkin Puree Folded in

FullSizeRender (3) Pumpkin Puree…

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Samhain Recipes……..

Published October 14, 2014 by Ch'kara

My Moonlit Path.....

Merry Meet my friends!  I’m sitting here with candles lit, listening to a heavy October evening rain and enjoying and Irish Cream!  I am just loving this Autumn!  October has just been beautiful..even a rainy night just soothes my soul.  I have spent the day cooking, spent some time with my daughters and grandkids, and am just relaxed and content tonight 🙂

I have been busy gathering recipes for about a week now to post here on my blog for you all.  I can vouch for several of these recipes as I’ve made them or made them often!  The potato soup picture and the apple pie pictures are from my own kitchen, my own camera and what I spent the day making today! 🙂  You will love both of them..I promise!

Ok…here we go…I always start with the magickal recipes first:

Samhain Oil Blend

*add to 1/8 cup base…

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Butterless, eggless chocolate cake – DELICIOUS!

Published August 24, 2014 by Ch'kara

Meeka's Mind

One of the ladies I help teach brought in a chocolate cake today, and it was so moist and delicious we all asked for the recipe. I’m going to try it out on the weekend but I thought you guys might like to get the recipe now.

1 1/2 cup self raising flour (do not sift)
1/3 cup baking cocoa powder
1 cup raw sugar
1/2 teasp salt
Mix the above
Make a well, add
1 teasp vanilla essence
1 tabsp vinegar
1/2 cup vegetable or canola oil
Then gradually add a cup of water and mix gently till all is mixed.
Do NOT over mix.
Bake in a preheated oven 190 degrees celsius for 1/2 hour.
Do NOT over bake to maintain its moistness.

Nanki sprinkled icing sugar over the top and we had it for morning tea today. I kid you not, it was…

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Blended Mango Margaritas

Published May 5, 2014 by Ch'kara

This sounds awesome definitely trying it

Blended Mango Margaritas

Let’s get one thing straight.

In my book, it’s not a Cinco de Mayocelebration if there aren’t margaritas on hand –whether there’s booze in them or not. A chilled beverage filled with tons of citrus that is the perfect sidekick to spicy salsas, tacos, ceviche, barbacoa….let’s face it–pretty much anything!

Blended Mango Margaritas

As we continue on with the Cinco de Mayoplans, it’s only fit to think about what type of margaritas to serve. I usually lean towards my standard classic margarita on the rocks with a heavy salt rim. But if you’re interested in something different, here are a few options:

Blended Mango Margaritas

I managed to get my hands on some deliciously sweet ataulfo mangoes and thought they would be fantastic in a blended margarita. I tossed them into the blender with some booze, fresh…

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Beautiful Bean Salad!

Published March 12, 2014 by Ch'kara

This is a yummy healthy salad

Organic Dimensions

Bean Salad

Bean Salad

This salad is easy to make, cost effective and extremely healthy. It is high in protein, iron, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B-6 and calcium. This is a perfect salad to bring for grab and go lunches!


  • 1 can kidney beans (rinsed)
  • 1 can chick peas (rinsed)
  • 3 tbs olive oil (or till the salad is coated)
  • ½ tbs lemon juice
  • 1 tbs red wine vinegar
  • 1 tbs balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tbs unpasteurized honey
  • 1 green onion chopped
  • 2 tsp of garlic powder (or to taste)
  • 2 tsp of vegetable seasoning, or variety of fresh herbs (oregano, rosemary)
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Step 1: Rinse the chick peas and kidney beans in the sink.

Step 2: Find a large mixing bowl. Pour the peas and beans into the bowl and mix them up!

Step 3: drizzle 3 tbs of olive oil, 1 tbs of red wine vinegar and 1…

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