Published January 25, 2016 by Ch'kara


436253this full moon tea will allow you to look deeply into your emotions without getting carried away

to help you identify troubles in your life and find ways to adapt overcome and even thrive

…just 2 ingredients plus a glass bottle and a full moon night…💚


in the clear glass bottle place the lemon balm herb

fill the bottle almost to the top with the water

cap it tightly and give it a good shake

sit the bottle outdoors or inside in front of a window so the bottle can absorb the moonshine all night long

the next day strain the herb and the full moon tea is ready to drink

serve it hot by just heating it up or cold over ice

add honey lemon or sugar

any left refrigeratePentagram-1FULL MOON HEALING POTION


1part rosemary
1part sage
1part thyme
1stick cinnamon


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